Oak Grove Mission

  Sunday School . . . . . . . . . . 9:45 am

    Sunday Worship Service . .11:00 am

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     Coupons for Family Promise—Someone has generously offered to donate goods to us for Family Promise but she shops with coupons. Let’s help her!



Matthew 1:18-25

We learn from the text for this week that Joseph believed the message of the angel that the arrival of Mary’s child is the promised Son, Jesus, who comes to offer salvation and whom the prophet said would be called Immanuel—God with us. If you don’t have anywhere to worship our Lord, please join us this Sunday at Oak Grove UMC, Mocksville. Together, we will examine what Matthew’s message about the birth of Jesus means for us today.

Sunday School…...9:50 AM
Worship………...11:00 AM

We are located at 1994 Hwy 158, Mocksville, NC.